I picked up an Ever Ready 1912 from a user on r/shave_bazaar because it was listed as a GEM 1912. I didn't pay attention to the branding in the pictures, only the wear and tear. For the price, the razor was in fine condition, and I had been hoping to pick up one of these bad boys to help my growing collection of double and single edge safety razors.

After some research, GEM and Ever Ready merged around 1909, and thus any GEM or Ever Ready (and later Star) were made by the same company. It makes sense that they would build the same razor under two different brands if they were trying to target different markets.

The shave while done away from home, was not rushed in any way. Also the water was softer than normal so the lather today was even better than usual.

While it was my first experience with a RazoRock soap, the soft water made the lather super rich. Also This is the 5th SE razor in my collection so I have a good bit of experience with other models. I have tried the Treat Carbon blades but they just are not as smooth for me.



Razor Ever Ready 1912 Brush Muhle Silvertip Fibre 23mm Soap RazoRock Don Marco Blade GEM SS (PTFE coated) After Sterling Soap Co. Coniferous

The Shave

Loading this razor is not for the sleepy. The way it holds the blades in place needs to be watched. Otherwise too much of the corners of the blades will be exposed. Closing the cap should be done slowly and while you watch the blade position. If you snap it shut the blade could shift out of place easily.


The RazoRock soap not only smelled good but was also producing fantastic lather. I really do love gen-4 synthetic brushes. I look forward to picking up some RazoRock soap (and a slant!) in the future.


When I first put the razor to my face, I liked the concept of the "lather catcher" that the semi-open-comb razors have. It leaves just enough lather on your face to let the blade do the work of wiping it mostly clean along with your hair. The weight of the razor is good too although the balance was a little off because of the steep angles required with a SE razor.


The first few cheek strokes went OK. However as soon as I started with some tricker areas around my mouth, nose, and under my chin/neck I started to get some major irritation. I tried checking the blade angle, but there is only so much you can do to keep the head flat against your skin.

I started to adjust by using a lot less pressure. I mean A LOT. The literal weight of the razor was all most too much pressure. It felt best when I let it go down really slowly like if I was just lessing the acceleration due to gravity.



So overall while my shave was close and smooth, it was too much effort to not injure myself. This razor will remain a display piece for me as there are several GEM's that I have (including the bullet tip and the clogpruf) which are not only easier to use but feel smoother on the skin. There was just too much razor burn to follow up with a second pass to clean up the patches.


Also, it is possible this razor is a bit of a frankin-razor. The handle is the GEM ornamental handle from the 1920's where the head is an Ever Ready 1912 resembling the design and style of a GEM Jr. 1912.

Grade (out of 5)

  • Looks: 3.8
  • Weight: 3
  • Balance: 2.5
  • Aggressive: 4.7
  • Handling: 3