Devops can mean different things to different people. Plenty of folks think it's magic or some arcane practice where the incantations are a mixtur of scripts and kludgy UIs, and the folks who puppet it all deemed wizzards. This perception causes people to miss the mark when understanding how much effort and investment is required to maintain a proper automated platform. Instead, they just want you to "throw some DevOps" on it. In the spirit of being able to just sprinkle some "DevOps" on it, I made DevOpsSauce. This time the burn is worth it!

Bottled Sauce


The tools I used for this poject:

  • Food grade 2 gal fermentation bucket
  • Associated lid
  • Airlock
  • masking tape
  • marker
  • knife
  • cutting board
  • blender


The fermentables used for our sauce:

Ingredient Mass
Orange Habanero 986g
White Onion 483g
Peaches 445g
Carrots 291g
Chocolate Habanero 234g
Raddishes (mix of watermelon and black) 177g
Garlic 164g
Maple Syrup 137g
Salt (~3.5%) 105g
Ghost Pepper 86g
Red Habanero 75g
Dry Hibiscus 7g

Additional consumables

  • Water (enough to cover the fermentables)
  • Santizier (Sarsan)
  • Xanthum Gum


I started by cleaning and sanitizing my fermnetation equipment.

Next, I cut up the peppers and other fermentables, combinging them in the bucket. Next I added the salt, and made a liquid brine with the same concentration of salt (~3.5%) and covered the vegtable matter with the brine.

Ferment Start

I secured the lid, attached the airlock and labled the bucket with the current date, 2022-12-08.

Every day I opend the lid and punched down the floating material to keep everything wet. This helps prevent mold from developing before the pH has had a chance to drop enough to fight it off naturally.

Punching Down

After 5 months, the bacteria had basically stopped and I measured 3.5 pH.

I next drained the brine off, and blended the vegtable matter together in a puree. I then added back the brine until I got the right taste and texture, tryg to carefully balance the salt and acidity.

Blend it

I then returned the blended mixture to the bucket and placed it in my refigerator and let it slowly age for the next several months.

I was finally ready to make the finishing adjustments. In order to improve the texture and make the sauce stay together between uses, I add some xathum gum until the right texture is achieved. This was on 2023-10-15, nearly a year later. And we were finally ready to bottle!

I ordered some a set of 150ml bottles that have a twist top, and after accidentally dropping a couple, I was able to confirm they were going to withstand shipping.

Boxed Sauce

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